Are you looking for professional solutions for your naval architecture services in Tarragona or Barcelona? We are here to help you! With years of experience in yacht design, construction, rebuilding and reffit, we offer world-class services.

servicios de ingenieria naval en Tarragona

naval architecture | technical office

  • Specialized Consulting: To help you make informed decisions on your yachting projects.
  • Construction Management: We supervise and manage your projects, whether they are refit, repair or new construction. Both, official statutory management, and also to ensure monitoring and compliance with agreements.
  • Stabilities: Stability is essential to the safety of any vessel. We carry out calculations and stability evaluations to ensure that your yacht meets the required standards.
  • Technical Advice: Do you need guidance in managing or improving your boat? Our team provides you with the expert technical advice you need.

project management

  • New Constructions: From conception to delivery, we manage and supervise yacht and recreational craft construction projects of all types and sizes. Whether it is a new boat or a renovation and remodeling job, we help you make your ideas a reality afloat.
  • Repairs and Maintenance: We help you manage the repairs and maintenance of your boat efficiently and effectively, supervising the entire process.
  • Refits and Modernization: If you wish to update your boat, we offer our services to manage the renovation and modernization of your boat.
  • Owner’s Representation: We represent you in all matters related to your yacht, ensuring that your interests are protected and your objectives are met at all times.
  • Drafting of Technical Specifications: With our accumulated experience we can advise you on drafting the technical specifications of your new boat or renovation, to ensure the successful completion of your project.

witness expert & surveys

Expert opinions for courts and for parties in disputes, Help with drawing up contracts, Official and unofficial valuations.



Civil and commercial mediation processes through our entity Orienta puntos de vista. 



Technical translations, marine corrosion, osmosis, composite materials, non-destructive examinations.

reviews on naval architecture services


"Thanks to Adrián’s help we have saved a great deal of money for the owner and the boat has everything in order."

Rafael Herruzo / CAPTAIN M/Y MADNESS

"Adrián, We were facing a real challenge: convincing the maritime authorities that a wooden sailing ship built 60 years ago still meets the conditions for sailing today with a crew of 12 people. We’d been trying for nearly a year without success until we had your help. Your technical report was impeccable, I would say incontestable, both in terms of its form and the way it met our deadlines. In the end, we have achieved the Administration’s approval at the lowest possible cost, finally allowing us to use the boat profitably for commercial purposes."

Andrés de León Ramón-Borja / REGATTA EXPERIENCE S.L.