Expert witness

Work by Adrián Prada

Lawyer in a case where an expert opinion was given for one of the parties:

“Dear Adrián, I’m writing you this mail to let you know that WE HAVE WON our claim for… outright. …In any case, I wanted to thank you personally for your statement, which was crucial (as mentioned in the Decision) to our victory. Your professionalism and knowledge, like those of Roby, were decisive. Thank you very much and congratulations! You did a really good job.”

Serivices as Expert Witness appointed by the Court. Quote from the Judge’s decision:

“… This expert witness report for the court is decisive for the result of the application. To weigh the result of this evidence, I should point out that the parties’ expert witnesses reached clearly opposing conclusions and there was nothing else within the case making it possible to give a conclusive decision. The parties accepted this court expert report and understood the reasons that led me to suggest it, as it was not only the content of the decision that was important, the form of appointment was too: seeking the highest qualified expert possible. The parties have subjected the expert to a stern comparison test, particularly the defendant, and the appointed expert has certainly drawn up a very far-reaching report, with plenty of reasons, providing technical elements that make it possible to accept his conclusions…”