Work by Adrián Prada Beauty and exclusive modern classic sailboat, heir to a golden age of sail and the spirit of the famous yacht designer, William Fife. Designed for ocean sailing around the world. Orienta SI has collaborated with the owner and the shipyard in the final phase of delivery and acceptance of the yacht, defining protocols, […]

Work by Adrián Prada Technical consultancy and specifications in the adaptation and partial replacement of the exhaust system. Works done to upgrade the system to the requirements of the new classification as “Commercial Yacht”.

Work by Adrián Prada Classic sailing yacht designed in 1952 and built in 1954, a thoroughbred racer. Originally designed under the 12 m rule as a pure racer, today she continues to add victories to her track record. In Orienta SI we have helped the owners increase the number of people legally allowed on board by […]

Work by Adrián Prada Elegant, sober 56′ sailing yacht, a one-off construction, built in corten / stainless steel in Atollvic Shipyard, designed by the well-known Spanish naval architect Xavi Cardell. Orienta SI has taken part in the construction and sea trials.