After buying a boat, the client finds that the main structure is damaged and previously poorly repaired. We carry out the damage inspection, drafting the expert report, the repair specifications, the repair management and testification in court. The court ruling grants all claims to the client and all costs the other party.

Expert witness report analyzing the condition of the cone of the tail shaft (clutch of the stern drive) of a motor boat, discarding the causes alleged by third parties and determining the probable cause of the failure observed.

Work by Adrián Prada Beauty and exclusive modern classic sailboat, heir to a golden age of sail and the spirit of the famous yacht designer, William Fife. Designed for ocean sailing around the world. Orienta SI has collaborated with the owner and the shipyard in the final phase of delivery and acceptance of the yacht, defining protocols, […]

Work by Adrián Prada Lawyer in a case where an expert opinion was given for one of the parties: “Dear Adrián, I’m writing you this mail to let you know that WE HAVE WON our claim for… outright. …In any case, I wanted to thank you personally for your statement, which was crucial (as mentioned in the […]

Work by Adrián Prada Assistance and proposal of solutions for the owner of an FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic) boat with an apparent osmosis problem. The hull was inspected, detecting a severe osmosis problem and a rather deteriorated hull. A report evaluating the condition of the hull and proposing solutions, procedures and steps to cut out and solve […]